Monday, 21 February 2011

No Conspiracy Against Celts-Gordon Strachan.

Neil Lennon rages as another decision is judged to have gone against his team.

Gordon Strachan insists there is no conspiracy against Celtic from the SFA.

The Parkhead club have been at war with football’s ruling body in the country for most of this season as they continue to demand reform within the corridors of power at Hampden Park.

Various voices from the Celtic camp have came out and criticised the officials beginning with manager Neil Lennon,Later players including Gary Hooper insisted the refs were against them.This lead to fans joining in on the debate.Weeks of debating lead to a officials strike in Scotland that meant officials from across Europe coming to Scotland to officiate for the weekend.

Ex Celtic boss Gordon Strachan,The last Celtic manager to win the league said  “It’s unfair to question the integrity of the men who have to make decisions and I can say that because I have met them. They are a decent bunch of lads and I got on with them well.”

Celtic however may have grounds to question the officials when referee Dougie McDonald overturned the decision when he awarded Celtic a penalty against Dundee Utd  but after advice he overturned his decision and the play continued.A few weeks later at Hamilton a few decisions were judged to have gone against them which sparked more debate.

In recent weeks claims of a conspiracy against Celtic have gone away,The question is,Do the officials really hold a grudge against Celtic?

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  1. surely there are many conspiracies linked to some of the derby matches with rangers.