Friday, 26 August 2011

The SPL - A Sinking Ship?

So last night all Scottish clubs were emliminated from European competitions meaning we will see no one playing in Europe this season, What will become of this disaster?

Well for starters reaching the Champions League group stage is worth an estimated £10 million. This season we only had one participant in the Champions League qualifying, Rangers who were eliminated by Malmo. In the past Scotland has had two participants in it but due to years of failures in competitions the co-efficient has slipped meaning the loss of places.

The Europa league, The lesser of European competitions has also been a disaster for Scotland, First Dundee United went out, Followed by Hearts Rangers and Celtic last night.

The financial side isn't the only problem though, the loss of the attraction to come to Scotland and play against some of the best sides in Europe is often a big selling point, Well not anymore meaning it will be harder to attract players of higher quality.

This might have a nock on effect, Who wants to sponser a league that is continuing to fail? Current partners of the SPL include SKY ESPN, BBC, Clydesdale Bank, Mitre, Football gambling sites William Hill and The Football Pools, Gaming companies, EA Sports and Sega, UK travel company Thomas Cook and Coca Cola with various other media outlets also being partnered with the SPL.

So do all these companies wish to keep giving money to a league which is considered to be dropping in standard, Ticket price increases with living costs increasing meaning it is pricing some families out of going to games.

The SPL and SFA need to get together and develop plans to save the Scottish game before its too late. What they can do now when the damage has been done last night is unknown but by building for the future then they can help get the game on track and up to where it once was.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Weekend Results.

Just a quick post of this weekends results.

Aberdeen 2-1 Inverness
Dundee Utd 0-1 Dunfermline
Hibs 1-2 St Mirren
Motherwell 0-3 Rangers
Kilmarnock 0-0 Hearts
Celtic 0-1 St Johnstone

Friday, 19 August 2011

A European Disaster?

Three Scottish clubs were in Europa League action on Thursday with none of them picking up a win.

Hearts were hammered 5-0 by English,Tottenham Hotspur, Celtic were unable to break the deadlock at home against Sion but may go into the next round no matter the result in the second leg after Sion played inneligable players. Rangers suffered a late defeat to Maribor when they conceded in injury time after being 1-0 up at half time.

So all in a dissapointing midweek but hopefully the sides can get decent results in the second leg.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Hearts Tax Bill Situation.

Hearts have insisted that an outstanding tax bill will be paid in full on Tuesday after they were threatened with the club being put in administration.

The bill comes from Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs the right to serve the order on the club who took action against the club on the 29th July after bills remained unpaid.

A hearts spokesman said, "The situation is under control.The amount will be paid in full tomorrow."

Hearts arent the only club in the SPL under investigation with Rangers still in discussions with HMRC over bills in the region of £2.8 million.

Hearts are still a club in debt but I dont think this latest tax bill has any threat to their future as a club after they posted a profit in last years annual figures.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

SPL Football, An Expensive Luxury?

The BBC recently had an article where they surveyed the cost of going to an SPL match at the present time.

The outcome of the report shows that it is no cheaper than £20 to visit one game,the cheapest being £21.90 at Inverness based on the price of a ticket, a match programme, a pie and a cup of tea. The most expensive was at Hibernian costing £29.20.

So these days when many of the football fans in Scotland are in lower paid jobs or even out of work should the clubs be doing all they can to reduce prices to encourage people to take their kids to the football? Obviously rising staff and policing costs have to be factored in but surely there should be some costs cut somewhere as attendences continue to fall.

When will clubs decide to reduce their prices to something families can afford? Will it be too late and all interest in the Scottish game has gone?.

Its getting to the stage people need to take out loans to buy season tickets and to travel home and away to watch their team with rising travel and fuel costs.

So what do you think needs done in order to secure the Scottish game?

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Scottish Teams In Europa League Action.

Well this draw was made on Friday but I forgot all about it so I have posted it a bit late.

Rangers will face a tough trip to Slovenia to take on NK Maribor while rivals Celtic head to Switzerland to place Sion. Hearts got the toughest tie for Scottish clubs and will take on the English club Tottenham.

The fixtures will be played on the 18th and the second leg on the 25th August.

So all Scottish clubs will travel to tough opposition,Will they be able to progress?

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Weekend Results

Just a quick post with this weekends SPL results.

Dundee United 1-1 St Mirren.
Dunfermline 3-3 Inverness
Aberdeen 0-1 Celtic.
Motherwell 1-0 Hearts

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Rangers Out Of The Champions League.

Rangers were dumped out of the Champions after finishing the game with 9 men in Sweden.

Steven Whittaker was the first to be sent off after he threw a ball at an opposition player.

10 men Rangers kicked on and got the opening goal after 23 minutes when Jelavic finished.

Malmo could have been reduced to 10 men when Durmaz kicked out at Lee Mcullouch but escaped punishment.

In the second half Bougherra was sent off for an elbow when challenging for a ball which could have been seen as harsh.

Malmo also saw a red card later on but it wasnt to matter as they scored a few minutes later to secure the tie 2-1 on aggregate.

So Rangers out of the Champions League but now go into the Europa League.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Whats Going On At Tynecastle?

I think I recently said that Hearts would challenge the Old Firm this season providing there is no managerial movement but unsuprisingly Jim Jefferies and his assistant Billy Brown have been removed of their duties at the club.

The surprise move came after the controversial Hearts owner, Vladimir Romanov arrived in Scotland after the Jambos defeat at home to Dundee United. On Monday Romanov met the management team of Jefferies and his assistant, Billy Brown, after training.

Jefferies has been offered a role as a director of football at the club but its understood he will turn it down as he seeks legal advice for his removal of position which could lead to compensation for the sacked pair.

Jefferies side made a decent start to the season with a draw at Rangers then drew 1-1 with Paks in the Europa league but Romanov is unimpressed.

Front runner for the job is ex Sporting Lisbon manager  Paulo Sergio and he is expected to be announced as manager in the next few days.

Theres never a lack of action when Hearts are involved, 

Monday, 1 August 2011

SPL Weekend Review.

 Scores of the weekends fixtures.

Inverness 0-1 Hibs.
Kilmarnock 0-0 Motherwell.
St Mirren 1-0 Aberdeen.
St Johnstone 0-2 Rangers.
Hearts 0-1 Dundee United.