Friday, 26 August 2011

The SPL - A Sinking Ship?

So last night all Scottish clubs were emliminated from European competitions meaning we will see no one playing in Europe this season, What will become of this disaster?

Well for starters reaching the Champions League group stage is worth an estimated £10 million. This season we only had one participant in the Champions League qualifying, Rangers who were eliminated by Malmo. In the past Scotland has had two participants in it but due to years of failures in competitions the co-efficient has slipped meaning the loss of places.

The Europa league, The lesser of European competitions has also been a disaster for Scotland, First Dundee United went out, Followed by Hearts Rangers and Celtic last night.

The financial side isn't the only problem though, the loss of the attraction to come to Scotland and play against some of the best sides in Europe is often a big selling point, Well not anymore meaning it will be harder to attract players of higher quality.

This might have a nock on effect, Who wants to sponser a league that is continuing to fail? Current partners of the SPL include SKY ESPN, BBC, Clydesdale Bank, Mitre, Football gambling sites William Hill and The Football Pools, Gaming companies, EA Sports and Sega, UK travel company Thomas Cook and Coca Cola with various other media outlets also being partnered with the SPL.

So do all these companies wish to keep giving money to a league which is considered to be dropping in standard, Ticket price increases with living costs increasing meaning it is pricing some families out of going to games.

The SPL and SFA need to get together and develop plans to save the Scottish game before its too late. What they can do now when the damage has been done last night is unknown but by building for the future then they can help get the game on track and up to where it once was.


  1. sports have become such a great business in these times, you do prove apoint theres the risk not only of loosing a national sport but also jobs and economy could take a downfall, perhaps they could also try to explore other sport related activities?

  2. every league has gone for the same transition, from being un-recognized to be known all around the world, i believe the era for scottish sports will come soon