Wednesday, 10 August 2011

SPL Football, An Expensive Luxury?

The BBC recently had an article where they surveyed the cost of going to an SPL match at the present time.

The outcome of the report shows that it is no cheaper than £20 to visit one game,the cheapest being £21.90 at Inverness based on the price of a ticket, a match programme, a pie and a cup of tea. The most expensive was at Hibernian costing £29.20.

So these days when many of the football fans in Scotland are in lower paid jobs or even out of work should the clubs be doing all they can to reduce prices to encourage people to take their kids to the football? Obviously rising staff and policing costs have to be factored in but surely there should be some costs cut somewhere as attendences continue to fall.

When will clubs decide to reduce their prices to something families can afford? Will it be too late and all interest in the Scottish game has gone?.

Its getting to the stage people need to take out loans to buy season tickets and to travel home and away to watch their team with rising travel and fuel costs.

So what do you think needs done in order to secure the Scottish game?

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  1. I am always amazed to hear what rough shape the economy is in yet these "FOOTBOL" clubs always have tons of money to throw at their stars. Kind of disgusting if you ask me.