Friday, 22 April 2011

Lennon's Friday Press Conference.

Celtic's Neil Lennon believes that becoming the target for parcel bombs would not have happened had he been manager of any other football club.

Strathclyde Police are investigating after parcels were sent to Lennon and two others connected with Celtic.

"It leaves a bad taste in the mouth, but I'm totally committed to the club, the fans and the players," he said ahead of Sunday's Old Firm derby.

The Northern Irish Catholic stopped playing international football for his country in 2002 after a death threat, said to be from loyalist paramilitaries.

Bullets were sent to the former Celtic captain earlier in the season, while a suspicious package addressed to him was also intercepted.

"You get an opportunity to manage Celtic once in a lifetime," he added. "I would have regretted it the rest of my life if I hadn't taken it."

It seems Lennon is going to stay on but from what I understand he is on a 6-month rolling contract which is up at the end of the season and possibly may not be renewed if he fails to win the league...


  1. Really looking forward to the game a the weekend, it will decide the league winners