Friday, 15 April 2011

Rangers To Face Another UEFA charge..

Rangers last night learned they would face another UEFA charge,this time for alleged sectarian singing at Ibrox against PSV.

Martin Bain said:" We have been informed tonight that we are now to be punished for alleged sectarian singing at Ibrox during the Europa League home game against PSV Eindhoven in addition to sanctions for alleged singing at the away match."

"We are absolutely astounded by this latest development and will defend our club's position very very vigorously."

"We have never said that sectarian singing is not a problem but this now has all the hallmarks of a deliberate and targeted campaign against the club. What else are we expected to believe when UEFA officials give us favourable reports at our matches only to indict us later on the evidence of an outside unaccountable body?"

"It would appear that yet again UEFA have acted on a report from the FARE organisation when their own match delegate, this time from Northern Ireland, gave us a very favourable report."

Im with Martin Bain on this one,UEFA are listening to outside groups-Who have actually had links with Rangers rivals Celtic in the past....I think everyone knows this is a plan to do some damage off the field while Rangers financial security is being sorted.

Rangers have carried the Scottish co-efficient for years because clubs cant win away in Europe and this is what happens,Pathetic!

I was at this game and I cannot remember of anything offensive being sung,Now I'm not a Rangers fan so I would have remembered if anything was sung that shouldn't have been.

Hopefully Rangers fight UEFA to the death and then these organisations get what they deserve by spreading a lot of crap.

Raaant over guys!


  1. This is a bit harsh, seems like a lot of people are gunning for Rangers right now