Saturday, 23 April 2011

One For You British Tax Payers.

So when your house gets broken into or your car window gets smashed during the night you want to know who done it and them to be charged for the offence right? Yep thats right and this is something everyone wants,after all we all pay for it through taxes.

For the seventh time since August we are facing another Old Firm game and this game in particular the police increase their efforts,Through producing domestic abuse stats-which may not infact be true and now they have taken it to a whole new level with monitoring what people write online.

So there was a time when free speach was allowed in Britain yet this weekend the police will be knocking on doors of people who post football related hate comments on the internet.So now your taxes are going on petty comments made online instead of catching drugs dealers,rapists and murderers for instance.

Chief Constable Stephen House said he was deploying 1,000 extra officers. So its a bank holiday weekend in Scotland and most people will be off work on Monday yet the police will bring in an extra 1000 officers to try and keep the peace.I thought the police had a say in when Old Firm games were played these days...Thats a lot of overtime.

So are you happy for all this money being spent on a single game of football?

Or even my worldwide followers,If you were in a similar situation would you be happy with it?


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