Monday, 18 April 2011

SPL Reconstruction Vote In May?

Representatives of all 12 SPL clubs met at Hampden today to discuss proposals for a 10-team league.

Aberdeen chairman Stewart Milne told the media that progress was made at the meeting and a final vote should be taken by the middle of May.

For proposals to go through 11 of the current 12 teams need to vote in favour of the changes which will see 2 teams relegated to the lower league which means less income from sponsers,tv rights and also traveling fans as they wont have the visits of the Old firm 4 times a season.

The current proposals are involving these main changes to try and improve the Scottish game
  • The creation a pyramid structure in Scottish football.
  • A merging of the SPL with the SFL by inviting all 30 SLF member clubs to join a 42-club league under one umbrella banner.
  • The creation of a 10-team SPL league, with a 12-team Championship and two lower divisions.
  • The creation of an extra relegation place in the SPL through play-offs between the top two divisions.
  • A redistribution of money away from the top two positions in the league and reallocating it to the other eight clubs.
  • An obligation on all Premier League and Championship clubs to become part of the SFA Youth Initiative.
  • An earlier start to the season and a return of the winter shutdown. 

 As I understand it all clubs involved were also invited to submit their own ideas at the meeting for possible changes which were also to be considered.


  1. Although its not gonna happen, Celtic and Rangers really need to get out of the SPL

  2. @danny Murphy, where do you want them to go if they do? :o

  3. For the last 10 years of so sky have been trying their to force Rangers and Celtic into the english premier league.

    Theres a load of facts to write but it comes down to money. for example stoke v celtic will bring in a lot more viewers than say stoke v blackburn just because of the number of celtic fans who couldnt travel down to the away games every week.

    Infact I may just make a wee post on this:P

  4. @Niek

    English Premier League ideally but the proposed Atlantic League would be great

    Hell even a league with Cardiff, Swansea 4 teams from the Irish leagues based in Londonderry, Belfast, Cork and Dublin and the top 6 from the SPL. Give it five years and you might have a decent league right there.

    None of that will happen though, unfortunately.