Thursday, 7 April 2011

Rangers To Face UEFA Charge.

Rangers Football Club has been informed that UEFA is to take disciplinary action against the Club following allegations of sectarian singing by supporters during the recent Europa League away game against PSV Eindhoven on Thursday, 10 March

The notice comes almost a month after the game and I would like to know,I personally have no interest in the Old Firm and have no preferences but I am very interested in what was deemed sectarian and how UEFA took so long to let this be known.

This sort of singing happens every week in Scotland and I am of the personal opinion that UEFA should stay out of what they don't understand.

Another thing,Spurs fans were accused of racist chanting towards Adebayor of Real Madrid,He came out and said he didn't find it racist and now UEFA are unlikely to investigate so who exactly did these apparent songs sung in Eindhoven offend? Are UEFA taking action based on the requests of possible Celtic fans or random people.? UEFA are supposed to have officials at the game for this sort of incident and theres no way it took a month for them to report it.

UEFA are a joke and as corrupt as orginisations come. They should learn a bit more about of Scottish culture because its the way Scotland is and no one is going to stop it but as usual they step in and throw wild accusations and fines.


rant over guys.:)


  1. rally want to get into "football". the whole world cant be wrong right?

  2. Come on mate Rangers deserve the book throw at them