Monday, 28 March 2011

Neymar Racially Abused?

Neymar tucks away his penalty.

Brazil international Neymar has confirmed he was racially abused after the Brazil v Scotland game at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday but has said he wont make an official complaint.

The teenage sensation scored twice in the international friendly at Emirates Stadium but it was later said that a banana was thrown at him.

No such images of the incident have been released and the SFA have stepped in and defended the traveling Scots.

Unless an image comes to light I doubt we will ever hear the true story which is a shame because its put a dent in the reputation of traveling Scottish fans.


  1. are comments like that illegal in other countries?

  2. If found guilty the person would most definitely face a ban so they couldn't attend games in the UK and possible other continents if FIFA were to get involved.

    They would also face a court case where they could be given a fine or even jailed depending on previous convictions.

  3. there will always be people that don´t know how to behave themselves, is a shame.

  4. Just wondering? Is 'throwing a banana at somebody' a synonym for 'racial abuse'? That would really help widen my vocabulary