Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Rangers On The Brink Of Takeover?

News has been coming out in the past few days that Rangers could be on the verge of a takeover.I probably should have posted this earlier but last nights sudden movements caused me to stop what I was writing incase of a development.

So basically the latest story is that the Lloyds banking group,who currently run Rangers FC and other companies involved in Murray International Holdings are holding out for an exit fee in the region of £1m and the debt they are owed thought to be at £20 million but  not confirmed as Rangers have yet to release their six month figures which need to be done by Friday at the latest I believe.

Various stories suggest that Craig Whyte, potential bidder and Sir David Murray,current owner have an agreement in place and it is just a matter of Lloyds agreeing to the deal then things can be made official through the stock exchange.

However Lloyds have denied they are holding out for any sort of exit fee and insist they are happy to get the money they are owed and hand over the club to Mr Whyte.

 No more information has come to light but I will keep you updated when it does.

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