Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Simon Mensing Completes Suspension.

Hamilton midfielder Simon Mensing claims he is "completely innocent" after serving a four-week suspension for failing a random drug test.

The 28-year-old tested positive for the stimulant methylhexaneamine last month and subsequently missed five matches after a period of ineligibility was imposed on him and returned to action in the 1-1 draw with Dundee United on Saturday.

The player maintains he was unaware he had ingested the substance while using a dietary supplement - an explanation which he says has now been accepted by UK Anti-Doping.

Mensing said: "This whole saga has been a nightmare for me and my family and can only be described as a fiasco.
"I should make it clear that I would never have taken any banned substance in a million years - and made every effort to check in advance that the dietary supplement I did take was clean.
"I am glad it has been recognised by the anti-doping authority that I did not know that the supplement was contaminated by something that I now know is called methylhexaneamine.
"They also accepted that I had made no effort to improve or enhance my performance as I did not know I had ingested the substance."

Rather unfair ban in my opinion, If he set out to improve his performance with the banned substances then the ban would have been justified but he's back now and hopefully this teaches a lesson to all other professionals to double check the labels even on supplements.

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